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Our Family Medicine Department at Summerland Medical Center, the medical clinic Abu Dhabi, is well equipped to deal with acute and chronic diseases. We have specialist doctors for family medicine in Abu Dhabi who provide preventative medical services for all members of your family. Our warm and  holistic approach to health care enables us to provide personalized care and treatment to a wide range of health conditions for all our patients. Our doctors will look into your physical ailments and check your physiological and emotional issues before prescribing treatments or suggesting specialized doctors.

We have multilingual staff and doctors of different ethnicities to provide a seamless and personalized healthcare experience to patients. The soothing ambience in the consulting rooms makes our patients comfortable and relaxed so they will be more receptive about their path to wellness.  Choosing Summerland Medical Center for Family Medicine is all about having a trusted health partner for your family by your side for life.

We have the best family medicine department at Summerland. Through family medicine care, we aim to provide ongoing, all-encompassing medical treatment to individuals and families, covering all stages of life. We have skilled and certified family medicine doctors at our clinic, and through their advice and treatment, you will be able to enjoy preventative care, health education, and treatment for various medical disorders, right from acute diseases to chronic conditions.

Our specialists at Family Medicine can treat patients of all age groups and provide them with customized treatment, right from very young children to elderly citizens. So once you come to our Family Medicine in Abu Dhabi department, you can be assured of excellent care and treatment for everyone in your family. A go-to person if you need help with anything related to your family’s health. This way, you will not be in a panic when there is an emergency in the family and you don’t know whom to approach.

Our doctors in this department make sure to get a thorough grasp of patients’ medical histories so they can provide individualized treatment plans, thereby delivering a better prognosis. One of the vital aspects of Family Medicine at Summerland is preventive care, consisting of immunizations, regular screenings, and lifestyle changes to stop diseases before they start or manage conditions.

Family physicians can provide an initial evaluation and treatment for mild mental health issues. If you need someone for long-term relief for a particular condition that’s been existing for some time, then the doctor will take you to a specialist. They can also perform procedures like skin biopsies, mole removal, joint injections, etc.

Our family physicians focus on long-term health, so patients who manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma can handle them with ease. Through our all-encompassing family medicine, we aim to make it convenient for people who want to save time or are confused about whom to see for what condition. Our family medicine doctors focus on building long-term relationships with you so they can be with you throughout your wellness journey. They focus on taking a holistic approach and studying your family’s medical history, lifestyle factors, and preferences when customizing treatment plans.

If you have not been able to find the right family doctor, now is the time to get acquainted with our team of family doctors. Take charge of your health and make changes in your lifestyle so you will continue to remain healthy or manage your condition with the best doctors for family medicine in Abu Dhabi. Call now to book an appointment with us.

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Dr. Abduljawad Marwan Haddad

Dr. Abduljawad Marwan Haddad

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Frequently asked questions

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Family medicine practitioners provide care for patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors. They are trained to address the healthcare needs of individuals and families across the lifespan.

Routine check-ups are typically recommended annually for adults and more frequently for children, depending on their age and health status. Your provider can advise you on the appropriate frequency based on your individual needs.

Family medicine providers care for patients of all ages, while internal medicine providers (internists) primarily focus on adult patients. Family medicine practitioners also emphasize preventive care and may provide additional services such as obstetrics and gynecology and pediatric care.