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Otolaryngology is a department that deals with Ear, Nose and Throat problems in patients. The diagnosis and tests usually cover the neck and head area to ensure the patients receive the most effective treatment. Patients suffering from problems such as hearing loss, breathing difficulty, swallowing difficulty, voice disorders or balance problems often find that they need the help of an ENT specialist in Abu Dhabi to return to a normal lifestyle. Since all the three (Ear, Nose and Throat) are connected, the specialists will focus on more than one area to determine what could be causing your health issues.

Our treatment protocols at the medical clinic Abu Dhabi begin with an initial diagnosis that will require tests to validate your condition. Then our doctors will choose the most effective option to treat our condition. The specialists are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of services that will nurse you back to health. The treatment protocols are meant to bring you to a full and swift recovery. The specialists are fully equipped to deal with breathing disorders, snoting, bad breath, pain in the ear, sleep disorders, removal of foreign bodies, among other conditions.

Through our comprehensive ENT (ear, nose, and throat), we aim to provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions related to these critical organs of your body. ENT specialists also go by the name of otolaryngologists, and they have certification, expertise, and experience in providing diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages. They are fully trained to spot and treat complex issues as well.

Check out our services. Our ENT specialist in Abu Dhabi can provide ear health.

An ear health checkup is all about treating spotting problems that might affect hearing and balance. If you have the following problems, come to us, and we will treat you.

  • Hearing Loss: There are audiometry tests to help evaluate your hearing problem and to check how far you have lost your hearing. We provide hearing aids and cochlear implants to treat your hearing loss.
  • Infections: Treatment of ear infections (otitis media and externa) with medications or minor surgical procedures.
  • Tinnitus: Suffer from ringing or buzzing in your ears? Don’t worry, we can help clear or manage that problem with sound therapy and lifestyle modifications.
  • Balance Disorders: A balance disorder, or vertigo, can be a deterrent to a normal life. We provide diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and other balance disorders through surgery, lifestyle modifications, and medications for vestibular rehabilitation.

Nose Health

Being able to breathe properly is very important. If you have breathing problems, then it is time to see an ENT specialist. The specialist will be able to correct your breathing and olfaction problems. Our specialists are also qualified to address a variety of nasal and sinus conditions, including the following:

  • Sinusitis: Treatment of acute and chronic sinus infections with medications, nasal sprays, or endoscopic sinus surgery.
  • Allergies: Management of allergic rhinitis through allergy testing, immunotherapy, and medication.
  • Nasal Obstruction: Treatment of nasal blockages caused by deviated septum, polyps, or enlarged turbinates.
  • Smell Disorders: Suffering from a condition known as anosmia or loss of smell? We provide diagnosis and treatment for anosmia and other olfactory issues.

Throat Conditions

Your throat has to be in proper health for speech, swallowing, and breathing. Our ENT specialist in Abu Dhabi can treat a broad spectrum of throat-related conditions. Here are some common problems that patients come to us with:

  • Tonsillitis: If your tonsils are giving you problems, then we can help manage the condition through antibiotics or tonsillectomy.
  • Voice Disorders: If your sound is hoarse and your throat has a condition that leads to this hoarseness, then we can treat the condition. We can also treat vocal cord nodules and laryngitis with voice therapy or surgery.
  • Swallowing Disorders: Having trouble swallowing food, water, and saliva is a problem that has to be treated by a specialist. We provide diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia or swallowing disorders through swallowing therapy or surgical interventions.
  • Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea is another condition that many people come to us with. We can help with the management of obstructive sleep apnea with options like CPAP therapy, lifestyle changes, or surgery.

We address our determination to provide the best ENT care and treatment at Summerland by integrating our medical center with sophisticated diagnostic tools and treatment options. These tools enable us to provide precise diagnoses so our patients can manage various ENT conditions. Our sophisticated tools and equipment will help improve patient outcomes and quality of life. We constantly upgrade our equipment so we can provide precise diagnoses to our patients, and as technology continues to evolve, we will include those too to enhance the quality of care that we provide.

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Dr. Gamil Mohamed Ibraheem

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The specialists are fully equipped to deal with breathing disorders, snoting, bad breath, pain in the ear, sleep disorders, removal of foreign bodies, among other conditions.

Frequently asked questions

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Common causes include infections (bacterial, viral, or fungal), allergies, anatomical abnormalities, environmental factors (such as pollution or smoke), trauma, and underlying medical conditions.

You should consider seeing an ENT specialist if you experience persistent symptoms such as ear pain, hearing loss, chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, recurrent sore throat, difficulty swallowing, voice changes, or any other concerns related to the ear, nose, or throat.

Yes, many ENT disorders can be effectively managed with non-surgical treatments such as medications (antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids), allergy management, nasal saline irrigation, voice therapy, and lifestyle modifications.