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We are open for all clients seeking help to address any specific medical/health condition or advice and guidance on achieving a more balanced and fulfilling Healthy lifestyle. We welcome all patients who have been referred by their GP or Specialist to address any dietary requirements.

In our outpatient services of Nutrition consultations, provision of Medical Nutrition therapy for a wide array of clinical conditions can be provided.

Here is a list of common areas that our Dietitian Shambhavi Joshi could help improve your health and lifestyle with:

  1. Prediabetes, Diabetes (type 1&2), Gestational Diabetes.
  2. Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia
  3. Women Issues – polycystic ovarian syndrome, pregnancy & lactation.
  4. Paediatric group – complementary feeding, picky eaters, weight management
  5. Gastrointestinal Disorders – GERD, Peptic ulcer, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation & Intolerances
  6. Nutritional Deficiency disorders – Anaemia, Folic acid, Vitamin B12

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 How confident are you about your diet plan? Don’t wait until your body starts to rebel before thinking about a diet plan or making nutritional changes. If you are looking to make substantial changes in the way you live and way, welcome to Summerland Medical Center. We take a holistic approach to nutrition, and our dietitian offers individualized regimens based on your needs, objectives, and medical circumstances. We have the best nutritionist in Abu Dhabi, and he/she would advise you on the importance of careful food planning and why it’s so important for long-term health. Our dietitian would go into a deep understanding of your past and present health conditions, medications, and family health history before creating a nutrition plan for you.

Our best dietitian in Abu Dhabi would also need to know current eating habits, food preferences, and nutrient intake through food diaries, assess body composition, weight, height, BMI, and other relevant metrics, and make a lifestyle evaluation before suggesting a customized regimen. We can help you set realistic and achievable goals so you will have an enjoyable journey to wellness. The customized diet plan will contain the following:

Balanced Macronutrients: So there will be an appropriate balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to meet your energy and nutritional needs.

Micronutrient meal plan: A meal strategy with a variety of foods to contain vitamins and minerals.

Caloric Needs: Check how many calories you need, and adjust your caloric intake to align with individual energy requirements and goals.

Meal Timing: Teach you how to optimize your meal and snack timing to support energy levels, metabolism, and nutrient absorption.

Dietary Preferences: Check if you are allergic to anything, and respect individual preferences, cultural considerations, and dietary restrictions like being a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.

If you are looking to lose weight, we have the perfect diet plan for you. This will make you look fit, trim, and healthy. We provide tailored plans at our weight loss clinic Abu Dhabi so you can look good and feel confident about yourself. Ready for the change? Come join us today! Enjoy the services of the best nutritionist in Abu Dhabi, and be ready for an all-encompassing wellness journey.

At Summerland Medical Center, you will enjoy following our diet plan because we have the best dietitian in Abu Dhabi who will fill it with love and care. We do it by taking care of individual needs, setting realistic goals, creating tailored diet plans, and providing continuous support. This approach ensures that dietary changes are sustainable and effective. Through this diet plan, you can manage chronic conditions, promote general health, enhance athletic performance, and enjoy a pathway to a healthier, more vibrant life. You will start feeling better, lighter, and healthier. Your journey to mindful eating starts with our experts. So join us today, and take a proactive role in your healthcare by eating wisely. Our fitness and nutrition experts are highly qualified with years of experience in the field, and they constantly keep track of the latest innovations in dietary techniques to give you the best treatment ever. Connect with us today at +971 2 582 2888 to talk with the best nutritionist in Abu Dhabi.

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