General Practitioner Abu Dhabi

Summerland Medical Centre is dedicated to providing coordinated healthcare for individuals and families with the general practitioner in Abu Dhabi. The practitioners utilize the most effective methods to apply them to the patient requirements. The team of doctors gives a family-like atmosphere to the patients and listens to them for their individual needs. The team acts as a physician, counselor, and advocate for the patient by providing them information on making moves to managing the health in the better way.

The general practitioner doctor in Abu Dhabi can diagnose and treat an array of medical conditions. They physically examine, diagnose and treat the illnesses and manage immunizations. The general practitioner in Abu Dhabi is your first point of contact for any health issues. They will refer you to any specialists in case of any serious medical conditions and work with you during the recovery phase. They serve patients of all age groups and develop a long-time association with patients for any problem in the body system.

Our Services as General Practitioner Doctor Abu Dhabi

  • Diagnosis and consultation
  • Investigating different diseases
  • Management of acute and chronic
  • Treat and manage acute and chronic diseases including respiratory diseases
  • Refer patients to specialists when required
  • Educate patients in order to promote a healthier lifestyle and to prevent diseases
  • Treat and provide care for minor injuries
  • Ear piercing

Our General Practitioner Specialists

Dr. Eatimad Elamein Ahmed

General Practitioner

Dr. Zahda Abdeltaif Eltayeb Ali

General Practitioner