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With our unwavering commitment to medical excellence, Summerland Medical Center, the best medical center in Baniyas, Abu Dhabi, has risen to become a premium provider of medical services spanning the entirety of Abu Dhabi. Our medical professionals are quite proficient in providing effective treatments for patients suffering from all sorts of illnesses and health conditions. There is a team to handle emergencies and critical care conditions, and no matter what the time of day or night is, we have the best doctors in Abu Dhabi who are fully equipped to deal with them and provide relief. The medical professionals are not only capable on a medical level, but they also believe in a bespoke regimen of personalized relationships with the patients that will build a strong bond that goes beyond medical care and is vested in their overall wellness.

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Our team of qualified and highly skilled doctors and medical practitioners believes in delivering impeccable services through phenomenal levels of care to all patients 24/7. We invest in the latest medical technologies and equipment and believe in updating the skills of medical personnel because those are important if we want to continue to be the leading medical center in Shakhbout City.

We have the best doctors in Abu Dhabi, they are impressively qualified professionals and they have completed the highest streams of education in their respective fields. They are compassionate, caring and responsible individuals whose diagnosis and treatment plans are bordered on humility and empathy. You and your loved ones will be in perfect care under their judicious treatment. They work round the clock to bring the highest standard of healthcare to the local community, and emphasis is on a focussed approach and systematic treatment.

Summerland Medical Center is undoubtedly the best medical center in Baniyas. With its comprehensive medical services, state-of-the-art facilities, sophisticated equipment, and patient-centered approach, the clinic stands out as a premier healthcare provider that provides a broad spectrum of specialties, including orthopedics, dental, family medicine, and more. Through our comprehensive range of services, we ensure that our patients receive the best care possible, no matter what the status of their health condition. We also emphasize the importance of preventive care through routine check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations. Through the special services provided through preventive care, our healthcare professionals are trained to detect potential health issues early. This reduces the risk of serious complications and promotes overall well-being. We also provide a range of advanced diagnostic tools and technology, Summerland Medical Center offers accurate and timely diagnostics. Services at our medical center in Baniyas include laboratory tests, imaging (MRI, CT scans, X-rays), and other diagnostic tests and procedures that would help us detect your illness. This enables effective treatment planning. We have a huge team of doctors who are specialists in their field and provide the highest standards of care at the medical center in Shakhbout City. 

Additionally, we have the best doctors in Abu Dhabi, well-equipped treatment rooms, comfortable and relaxing patient rooms, advanced operating theaters, and other facilities to ensure that you have a very nice, positive experience at the hospital. Our personalized treatment plans bring better prognoses to the patients, and our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, specialists, and support staff works tirelessly to provide result-oriented, coordinated care.

Patient comfort and satisfaction are our primary aims, and we work to fulfill that by ensuring that our patients receive timely care at competitive charges. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the best possible care at the clinic 24/7. We also believe that empowering patients enables them to lead a healthy life. So our medical team gives them enough resources and counseling to ensure that they are fully informed about their healthcare and treatment options and how they should manage their condition.

Ready to visit our medical center for a routine check-up or to learn how to manage your health condition? Schedule an appointment with us to get started. This can be done online, or you can call us at +971 2 582 2888 for more information on the specialties at our medical center in Baniyas and Shakhbout City.


Our mission as the best medical center in Abu Dhabi is to provide high-quality comprehensive healthcare services that will reflect our values and goals and be responsive to patient’s needs and ensure that accurate diagnosis and services reach all.


Our Vision is to provide excellent clinical outcomes to our patients while assuring them a positive experience centered on accurate diagnosis and treatment through accountability and continuous improvement.


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