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Summerland Medical Center is a forward thinking hospitality center that focuses on excellence in medical care. Located in Abu Dhabi, the medical center provides specialized and personalized treatments particular to the patients’ needs. This concentrated focus of the hospital is a defining factor that elevated it in the minds of its patients. The hospital combines the best of technology and talent to deliver holistic treatments that improves the quality of life of patients no matter what their condition is.

Summerland, a premium medical clinic Abu Dhabi, provides a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services to cover the various medical needs of patients. We have multiple teams of highly qualified medical practitioners fully equipped to handle different medical conditions, including urgent care. We provide both preventative care and strategies for managing lifelong conditions or disorders. You can easily book an appointment with us for routine physical exams and to assess your overall health. This would help identify potential issues early and would be a major help in establishing a baseline for future comparisons. We provide regular screenings like blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings, cancer screenings, vision tests, and other tests to detect potential health risks.

At Summerland Medical Centre, the best medical center in Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy several services that will cover your general and overall health. We have different kinds of dental services, including general and cosmetic dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontic procedures, gynecology services, general medicine, the ENT department, dermatology services, dietitian and nutrition services, family medicine, and a lot more. Whatever medical condition you have, you can be assured that it will be diagnosed and managed at our dental clinic. Our team of doctors and other healthcare staff have years of experience and have received the highest levels of certification. They are the perfect stalwarts of healthcare and are the right people to guide you, especially in diagnosis and prognosis. 

The strength of our medical center is our doctors. Being the best medical center in Abu Dhabi, we have empathetic healthcare professionals who can alleviate your fears and educate you on how to manage your health condition and what you need to do to stay healthy, fit, and fine. The ambiance at the hospital makes it perfect for patients to be calm and relaxed while waiting for patients. Enjoy better health and fitness by visiting our clinic. Don’t wait until your health deteriorates because you might need to dedicate more time to reaching wellness. Call us today to set up an appointment with our doctors. You can dial +971 2 582 2888 for more information on our medical clinic Abu Dhabi.

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Holistic Healthcare
The patient receives integrated care tailored to their physical, mental, and cognitive health requirements.
Personalized Approach
Medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, who interact closely with patients and their families, play a crucial role in individual healthcare.
Pleasant Ambiance
Individuals might conflate signs and symptoms, yet there exist significant distinctions crucial to the medical field.
Preventing Infections
Information and resources for controlling infections in acute care, dialysis, long-term care, and outpatient settings.
Tailored Therapy
The emergence of precision medicine is bringing us nearer to healthcare that is more accurate and potent, specifically tailored to each patient.
Healthcare Provision
Seeking immediate medical assistance for someone experiencing a medical emergency can be life-saving.
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